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  • Good for Your First Time in San Francisco
    By: Cathy Whittaker

    This pass is an excellent value. The transportation pass is great because the cable cars are $5 per ride and you can ride, cable cars, street cars and buses free for 7 days with the pass. The major museums are also included as is the aquarium and a short cruise from Fisherman's Wharf. I would highly recommend this pass. Just a note, when I went to exchange my voucher I had to insist that my printout from ISANGO was a voucher. They expected it to have a bar code on it. After reading it over they apologized and accepted it no problem.

  • had everything, and cheaper than the others,
    By: wendy lowe

    the go san francisco card that we purchased from insango, had everything , i was hesitant to purchase because it was cheaper than the one sold by other companys. so glad i did buy! What a great way to have a ton of stuff to do on vacation. we had no problems with lines or usage of the card, we had a 3 day pass and still had many other thing we could had done. I would tell you when you buy your card, get a plan for what to do on what day! that will help that is what we did and we had a great trip. Thank you Insango and i will hope your card is available in the next town we visit.

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California Academy of Sciences Tickets

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California Academy of Sciences Tickets

Explore the tropical world of the rainforest, dive the depths of the ocean and be amazed by the immensity of outer space without leaving San Francisco. Book your tickets to the California Academy of Sciences online at guaranteed low prices.